With a comprehensive network of international associates, all leading experts in their respective fields, the Eastern Europe Group analyses and advises on all of the strategic risks associated with investment in the eastern European business environment. We can help clients analyse the total strategic risk big picture for their business. Then we can work together on identifying specific issues of concern and finally on a roadmap aimed at risk avoidance. Our experience means we know where the pitfalls are and how best to safeguard against them. The following services are our typical products, but we can also tailor-make specific programs to suit client needs:

EEG Introduction

Who? What? Where? When? Why? Day workshops from the big picture to drilling deep.

EEG Audit

Comprehensive reviews of strategic risk exposure.

EEG Briefing

Personal briefings and strategy sessions with executive management and regional and sectoral analysts

EEG Report

Targeted reporting to client's specification. Also, daily, weekly or monthly business intelligence reporting to order on countries and sectors.

EEG Advice

Problem? Executive management and experts on call 24/7 and 365 days a year. Crises don't just happen during office hours. We will be there, whenever it happens.

EEG Facilitation

Finding and managing the right people. Our networks will identify the local help you need, from security to accounting to legal services. We know who is good and who can be trusted.

EEG Roundtable

Experience sharing with other EEG clients with similar interests and concerns. Discussions with EEG experts and Advisory Board members.

EEG Summit

Annual VIP event for EEG client top executives with our senior advisors and invited guests.

EEG Crisis Management Training

EEG offers crisis management training as an integral part of risk management.